Saturday, February 27, 2021

Costco Lawrenceville - Part-time Product Demonstrator

CDS is an in-house marketing company and we work inside of Costco, we are known for the food sampling! We are a part-time job, each shift is 6.5 hours long - including a paid 15 min break, and an un-paid 30 min break. We start at $13.00 an hour.

Our purpose is to engage and motivate members to buy the product we are demonstrating, to help increase sales for the vendor and for Costco.

Due to the pandemic, we are holding off on sampling, and just running "talking demo's" right now. Masks are mandatory, as well as plexiglass on each cart.

Christine Confessore
Event Manager 1199 Lawrence TWP, NJ
4100 Quakerbridge Rd 08648