Friday, January 22, 2021

Assistant Managing Editor in Marlboro, NJ or Remote

Assistant Managing Editor for Publisher specializing in off-mainstream, alternative books

Duties include managing day-to-day operations of publisher (, including reviewing or overseeing review of new manuscript submissions, negotiating and issuing contracts, implementing cover page design, carefully coordinating advertising of books on Amazon and elsewhere, marketing books, publishing selected books, and posting the books on our website.

Part-time leading to full-time. Flexible hours. Compensation $50/hour plus commission as percentage of book revenues on an inverse-sliding scale (i.e. increasing percentage with increasing number of books sold). Flexible hours. Full-time position will have benefits including health insurance, pension plan, all fully company paid (i.e. no employee contribution needed).

Previous background or experience in the publishing field required. 

Specific knowledge of and/or experience in bookselling and book publshing. 

Experience in the marketing/sales end of this a plus. 

Experience with SEO a plus. 

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