Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Program Manager Digital Assets Opportunity with Entertainment Client - Immediate Remote Start

Program Manager Digital Assets

Contract, 18 months (Renewable or C2H option)




  • Experience with deprecation projects preferred. Some user groups/processes will be migrated to existing applications, which may require development by that engineering team.
  • Short-term or manual workarounds may be necessary where a migration schedule does not align with a contractual due date. Coordination with the core and adjacent project teams will be necessary to ensure execution is completed to plan.
  • Experience with JIRA- this is a very strong preference as this is the ticketing agent used, we need someone we don't need to ramp up on this
  • Experience with Smartsheet, Google suite of applications, MS Excel strongly preferred – complete ownership of existing project artifacts is a core function of this role.

Soft Skills – A successful candidate will be able to establish and maintain strong and productive working relationships with the team in a 100% virtual working environment. All communication will take place via Zoom, email, or Slack. Candidates should be comfortable facilitating meetings, team building and conflict resolution in a virtual environment. While the scope of this project and responsibilities are well defined, expansion of scope or responsibility may be possible as additional need is discovered.

I realize your schedule may be chaotic and finding a balance between family and business responsibilities may be challenging during this time; however, would you be open to schedule a call today or in the upcoming business days?  Please respond via email with your current resume and best phone number so I can reach you. Thank you.

Best Regards,

Matt Hall

Technical Recruiter

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